Elements to consider when rebranding

1.     Logo

A logo is the most essential part of a brand, as the ‘face’ of your business, it is normally the first thing that people will see to do with your business. It is also a way of your customers differentiating your brand from another business.

The most important aspect of any logo is that you want to make sure your logo is on brand and communicates what you want to communicate your potential customers.


2.     Imagery

Imagery refers to the images associated with the brand such as characters and commonly used icons and images. Creating a clear theme to the images you use helps create consistency in your brand and adds character to your brand.


3.     Fonts

Typography is the style and appearance of text. A large amount of what you want to communicate about your brand can be shown through your choice of font, with millions of fonts available there is one that will fit how you want your brand to be.

Choosing font is not just about the personality behind the brand, the font also needs to be readable and fit with the fonts that you choose for your text, headings and logo.


4.     Primary & Secondary Colours

It’s a common mistake is branding to just choose colours for the way they look, but there is a lot of hidden psychology behind the colours that you choose for your brand. Colour is not only one of the first aspects that customers notice about your brand but, it also affects the identity of your company and how your customers feel about your business.


5.     Information Graphics

Using information graphics such as tables and graphs make information easier to understand for your customers. In formats such as websites and documents, it is crucial not to overwhelm your customer with lots of text and information. Instead, placing tables and graphs making the information simple and easy to understand.


6.     Symbols and Icons

Creating symbols and icons that you can use throughout your documents is an important aspect of branding as you can use them to create a character within your brand and creates a dynamic space between information throughout the different pages.