Most effective ways to get more out of your Marketing Budget.

When a majority of our clients first come to us, they complain that they have spent lots of money on marketing but seen no results from it. We believe that if marketing is done correctly even $10 can be effective in gaining new customers for your business.


1.     Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most underrated marketing tools, with an already established customer list that people have subscribed to it is easy to harness people who are already interested in your product or service.  

Email campaigns sent through MailChimp, an online email marketing software are free to send to a database under 2,000 people. However, making sure you are sending out a campaign that offers value is equally as important as just sending your database an email.


2.     Social Media

Similar to email marketing with social media marketing a majority is mostly about reaching out to those who have already experienced your product. However, if you do want to use social media to target your potential customers, $10 can go far with sponsored posts.

Although, your $10 can be wasted if you do not promote it to the correct audience or the content of your sponsored post does not relate to the audience you target. Social media is an excellent tool if you are on a budget as you can change the budget or stop the campaign whenever you need too.


3.     Customer Recognition

We believe that one of the most effective marketing strategies that is simple but many businesses do not take advantage of is customer recognition. Customer recognition can range from sharing photos of customers using your products or services, replying to reviews (both good and bad) and sending out thank you emails or messages when someone places an order or uses your service. 

A common problem with businesses is that lots of their social media posts are staged and do not relate to your customers, using user-generated content of your products and services in your social media posts and emails relates more to the everyday buyer and is free to use.


4.     Video content- especially live videos

Video content is one of the top marketing trends this year, and it is an affordable way of communicating to your social media following. Videos are easy to watch and can keep customer’s interest for a longer amount of time. Making small videos featuring your products and services is a simple way of showcasing your business and by using your phone is a way of cutting costs.

Live Videos is also an effective way of marketing, with most live videos your social media followers get notified. Live videos are a great way of addressing questions that your customers have and communicating directly to customers.


5.     Google Ads

Google Ads is the ranking system that controls where you appear in google searches. Google ads are an effective way of marketing as it does not cost anything to create a campaign and you can start them with as little as $10. Making sure you are checking the keyword searches that your business is appearing on is an excellent way of reducing the costs of your google ads.