Top Marketing Trends For 2019

Having effective marketing is more important than ever in 2019, making sure that your marketing is keeping up with the trends of the year means that your content and business will be seen as a front runner in your industry.

1.      Chatbots

Customer Service is one of the main factors to having an effective business. However, most business owners and managers are too busy to constantly reply to messages, especially when there are multiple questions that are all the same.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, with the ability to give answers efficiently and throughout the day and night through your website or social media.


2.     Personalisation  

We all want to feel loved and connected, which is why having a personalised email and content that is aimed at us featuring our name creates a feeling of friendship between ourselves and the brand.

If you regularly send out emails, personalisation is a way of getting your customers to feel like you value them and is an easy marketing tool to add to your next email. We cover personalisation in How To Turn Customers Into Loyal Returning Customers.


3.     Video Content

Video content is more important than ever to ensure the success of your business for the future. Video content is an effective way of marketing as it is an easy way of your audience seeing your service or product in action, which creates understanding and trust.

Last year, we created two video campaigns for The Chippery in Wellington. These videos showed their products and real Wellingtonians’s eating their products, this campaign was effective as it was realistic and told a story of how people eat their product.


4.     Influencer Marketing – “Micro-influencer”

Customers are becoming more aware of influencer marketing, being seen as a fake review and endorsement because it has been paid for. The trend for businesses using smaller and more natural “micro-influencers” will be prominent in 2019.

 Micro-influencers are those that tend to have a smaller following and are aimed at a niche audience. They are seen as more truthful and are easier to use to target a specific audience through. We worked with Homegrown Farm Fresh Meats with creating micro influencer relationships. You will see the content we have created in this page.


5.     Bigger focus on Current Customers

If you already have a group of people who love your product or service, marketing to them is a better use of your resources than trying to target a larger market. Creating a long term relationship between your business and your current customers is going to be an effective trend to follow this year.  

Through email marketing and Facebook posts, letting your current customer’s know that they are valued creates trust and tends to result in increased sales. Including being a cheaper way of marketing, as they already know your products and have volunteered to follow your brand. If you haven’t already read our article on How To Turn Customers Into Loyal Returning Customers