How 6 Big Companies Are Taking Advantage Of Messenger Marketing

In 2019 businesses are harnessing the power of technology through the use of customer engagement. You probably don’t even know it’s happening yet you are probably loving the benefits self-consciously. In this article, we will look at how 6 well-known businesses are using Messenger Marketing to create a better user experience, generate more sales or target a new channel for marketing.

1. Vinomofo

Vinomofo is an online wine retailer in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Recently we came across their use of Messenger Marketing when they released something called the "Secret Cellar". As I am sure many did, I took advantage of their offerings and commented on their status with "IN" within about 2-3 seconds I received a message to opt into their new weekly deal they would be releasing each week initially 1 release each week with limited stock, so when it was gone, it was gone.

We reached out to Justin Dry, Vinomofo's CEO and Co-Founder to ask why they decided to use Messenger Marketing as part of their marketing plan his response was:

"We like to get into new platforms and tools within existing ones early to make the most of the opportunity. Hence we'd been exploring the idea for a while and then after early testing was showing such high open and click-through rates, so we decided it was something special."

Vinomofo's use of Messenger Marketing is refreshing to see with early adopters seeing staggering amounts of success with the market still being so new and mostly uncharted. Currently, Vinomofo's primary point of contact with their 'Mofo's' is through Email Marketing, they send daily deals, specials and updates to their large list of followers. As we have found email marketing is becoming less effective with industry averages dropping dramatically and click-through rate flailing. We want to understand Vinomofo's position of what they see as being the future of their communication with their customers, we asked Justin if the plan was for Vinomofo to move away from email as their main point of contact with their customers, Justin went on to say "Email is still a big part of what we do but over time it's effectiveness is reducing so yes this is and will continue to happen."

We have been really impressed with the use of Messenger Marketing with Vinomofo and look forward to seeing how they adopt it further as its functionality and usability becomes improved in the coming years. If you want to check out their Secret Cellar jump onto their Facebook page.

vinomofo image

Check out Vinomofo

2. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is the virtual travel assistant that is changing the way we book travel. While it is mainly America based, the messenger bot still works internationally. Hipmunk allows you look up flight times, hotels, car hire and other travel advice all through messenger. It also has the ability to filter your preferences like what airline to travel with and suggestions of where to go

This free to use messenger bot, is dramatically changing how you book travel with the ability to add others to the conversation and book your travel together. You no longer have to go to a travel agent or go through multiple different websites trying to find the best price, the Hipmunk Messenger bot will do it all for you.

3. Burberry

The Burberry messenger bot combines information, customer service and a tailored shopping experience all into one. While it’s brand has a classic look, they harness messenger bot and the new technology it brings.

When shopping using the messenger bot, it bases your options on your location for a more tailored shopping experience. This is a great idea for international retail companies as stock can vary so much due to the different seasons, in addition to the availability of products in different countries.


Dating is difficult, but aims to make it easier with Lara- their matchmaking messenger bot. While it’s mainly operational in France and the UK right now, it’s a fun bot to see how bots are becoming increasingly popular and more varied.

Lara works by asking questions about your preferences, even including your star sign and hobbies. She can suggest a potential match based on up to 50 different questions and criteria, pulling the information from the profiles.

5. Sydney Opera House Seal

One of the funniest bots is the Sydney Opera House Seal. The ‘seal’ answers questions on The Sydney Opera House including information on the upcoming shows, food and entertainment recommendations, facts about the seals that visit and even date night recommendations.

This bot shows that you don’t just have to have a boring bot to interact with your customers, no matter who you are! If a famous Australian landmark can have a fun bot that still answers the questions you need it too, why can’t you have a fun bot?

6. The Universal Orlando Resort

Customer experience has to be number one, for every business but especially for theme parks. Universal Orlando Resort definitely makes it easier for theme park goers to find their way round the park and plan their visit. Universal Orlando Resort also realises that not everyone wants to chat to a robot, with the first option being if you want to talk to a team member or continue with the chat bot. This ability saves the user’s time by being able to bypass the bot, it also makes their employee’s job easier and reduces the amount of time they need to spend with generic and redundant questions.

A bot with personality greatly improves customer experience, check out our article on microcopy to learn more. We love how the Universal Orlando Resort messenger bot matches the fun and quirky personality that the park reflects. An example shown below is when you select the chatbot as who you want to interact with it states “If you want to know the extent of my powers, type COMMAND... and prepare to have your mind blown.” Adding this personality to the chatbot’s responses helps the user forget that they are not talking to a real person. However, the chatbot for Universal Orlando Resort is done quite well, reflecting some of the other examples of chatbots we’ve seen- as it is self aware which is demonstrated when it can not answer a question it responds “Even artificially intelligent bots sometimes don't know everything. #stayhumble”. This keeps with the personality of the brand and adds the humour that you are chatting to a messenger bot.

One of my favourite parts of the Universal Orlando Resort bot, is the interactive aspect. It has an answer for all the typical questions you might have when you are at the theme park such as questions on opening times, specific rides, where the bathrooms are, where you can find certain foods and more. All of these aspects add to the customer experience when they are at the theme park or planning their trip.

The most useful part of this messenger bot is the ability to help you locate places, especially in a park that is nearly 340 hectares! Universal Orlando has google mapped it’s rides allowing you to ask the location of a toilet, ride or a place to eat and it showing you the location of where it is. The bot is also programmed to find somewhere based on what you are near, as per the example below showing that if you want to get to Cinnabon and you are near Springfield (The Simpsons area) it will figure out the closest location, provide you with the link to google maps and show you how long it will take you to walk there.

We love how this bot has personality but above all, this bot does what every bot should aim to do give the user great customer experience and make the customer and company’s life easier.