The Future of Messenger Marketing

Over the next few years (4–7) there is going to be a major shift in the way businesses communicate with their customers. As Messenger Marketing becomes the world’s biggest marketing channel. You might be sitting there wondering how a chat-based application can be so powerful. It really is hard to put into words the power that Messenger Marketing has and the opportunity that lies beneath it. We are going to attempt to give you an insight into what the world will look like when everyone is utilising Messenger Marketing.

The use of Emails, SMS and Phone calls are slowly dying and will, in the end, die a painful death. People are too busy in their lives to stop and go away from what they’re doing to check their emails, read and text or answer a phone call from another company offering the same service, same product and of course the same exact promise. I will make your life easier, better or something that they cannot predict or live up to for that matter…. It’s important when evaluating your Marketing Plan to understand where your customers are. For example, if you are advertising software to a law firm you’re not going to advertise in a real estate magazine are you? So the same can be said with Messenger Marketing. 1.3 Billion users are currently active on Facebook Messenger. An audience that is waiting to be wooed and marketed too, however, so few businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity that is right in front of them. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain why Messenger Marketing is so powerful and why every business in Australia ought to be using it.

Following what people are using

It is true that businesses generally follow the times when it comes to how people are communicating. For example, when direct mail was new, it was the thing companies would do, when phones become a reality the rise of telephone-based marketing was born and furthermore with email, in fact, we are still in the phase of Email Marketing, and it is something that is very quickly becoming obsolete. It will always have a place in the marketing cycle for many businesses, however, just like mail it’s declining and just like telephone-based marketing, it’s declining. The rise of Messaging in people’s lives has jumped and is on a very steep trajectory. We pulled a graph from ManyChat as we have displayed below:

Messenger applications are easy to use and very smart. The growth of Messenger applications isn’t slowing with predictions that it will grow to 2.5 billion users over the next 3 years. That is massive growth. We have provided another image supplied by ManyChat of that growth prediction.

1_sNxlkEAFVc-VyWw0H_OY9Q (1).png
1_RtWxoiyNJpbksfbAWoBR3Q (1).jpeg

The future is Messenger.

You only need to look at far as China to see the growth that has prevailed there, with over 900 Million active users each month using WeChat it has become businesses and individuals primary way of communicating with their customers. WeChat has in fact taken over websites in China as a large way of distributing content to their audiences as well as a number of other factors that are major game changes for commerce. The rise of Credit and Debit based transactions being used through the WeChat applications has meant that there is a large potential for Messenger marketing to take over.

In a future with Messenger as THE platform to use we will see a shift in the way people communicate, there will be less emails and more chat-based communication between customers and clients. Here at Enable Digital we already use Facebook Messenger to communicate to a majority of our customers and clients.

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Early Adopter Win Big

If you are already doing it then you know the value it can add, and at points it’s value can be hard to put into words because it is a new technology that is always changing. How we look at it at Enable Digital, it’s an opportunity to seek better and more effective ways for our customers to communicate with their customers, in fact that is why our business was formulated in the beginning has always been to help our business do business with the people that matter to them in the most effective ways.

Offering your customers the ability to interact with your business on their terms isn’t taking away from their experience it’s adding to it. People like to do things when they are ready, and I think there are lessons to be learnt from the immersion of this new technology.

The best time to jump on the Messenger Marketing wagon is right now. We are experiencing the calm before the storm, and when it comes, it will become a mainstream communication channel. How we look at it, is if you take a business back even 5–10 years ago when Email Marketing was in its infancy stages and invested in it before it was huge you wouldn’t struggle to get the results from it you do today.

Think about it this way, if you wait another 2–3 or even 5 years when it is a mainstream mode of communication you will be playing catch up and will be fighting with the masses to get noticed. Do it now while it’s a very empty stage because people will remember you for being the first to do it. Trust me.

What’s going to change

The first significant change is going to be people’s perception of Messenger-based applications and their ability to help businesses and their customers. Over the next two years, people’s perceptions will change, and then there will be the ability to see the real value that this technology can bring to businesses who want to serve their customers on their terms.

Email Marketing — over the past few years open rate and Click-through-rates (CTR’s) have dropped and conversions and slowed which can be quite troublesome for some businesses who rely on this technology for their business. Emails have an average open rate of 20%, Messenger has 4X that average open rate which means for every 5 people that you contact 4 will open it. Messenger has 8–12.5X the click-through rates. Therefore, there is more engagement with the content that you are sending out with click-through-rates of between 20–30% that is a massive difference from what Mailchimp reports as an average of around 2.4% CTR.

Are you ready?

At Enable Digital, we have prepared ourselves and dedicated our business to offering communication solutions to our customers. Over the next 12–24 months, we are pitching our little hearts out to businesses all over Australia and New Zealand to start the ball rolling on Messenger Marketing. We are looking forward to being able to help assist and support companies who are choosing to be proactive and adopt a new technology that has a huge advantage for every single industry out there that needs to communicate to someone.