How branding can take your business from budget to best-selling:

Branding matters more than ever, with the availability of products around the world through the internet, your branding is what is going to set you apart from your competitors. We have found that when working with businesses, branding sometimes gets neglected because a company does not have the budget or they try and do it themselves. However, branding does not have to be complicated or cost you lots of money. We will outline some tricks and tips to help you stay on top of your branding below, but first, it’s important to understand what branding covers. Your brand identity is the visual side of your brand (logo, fonts, colour palette & iconography). It also includes your name and the tone of voice that you use in your content. Your brand is the personality that fronts your products or services; it is what helps your customers recognise you and buy from you.  


Why get a branding agency to help you from the start?


Technology at the moment means that it’s becoming increasingly easier to create your own branding, especially your logo and design. However, getting a graphic designer to help you create your branding from the start of your business can make a significant difference to your business. Designed branding can help you gain a better understanding of your business, including your future goals for your company. Also having great branding also puts you closer in line with your competitors from the beginning.


How does good branding help you gain a better understanding of your business? Well, at the start of the process, we like to get to know you and your brand. This helps us gain a better understanding of what we see your brand looking like. We also want to make sure we know what your future business goals are so you don’t have to rebrand anytime soon. When we understand your business, it should help you gain a clear understanding during the early stages of your business about what your business is, who you are targeting, who your competitors are, and where you want to go with your business. The more you know about your business from the beginning, the easier it is to market and target the right audience.


How does branding mean that you will be in line with your competitors? Branding is everything. Your branding can say a lot about your business; it can make you look professional or fun, expensive or affordable. Your branding can say anything you want about your business. Even if you sold exactly the same product as your competitor, your branding sets your business apart. A study by Lucidpress found that visual factors like colours and branding influence 90% of purchases. Your brand is one of the first things that a potential customer sees. Make sure that your brand is memorable and stands out when compared to your competitors, and it will put you in line, or even ahead of your competitors.

Our Tips & Tricks of Branding:


·     Consistency is key! Make sure your branding is consistent throughout everything you do, including iconography, your website and social media pages.

·     Wanting to create some collateral yourself? Make sure you get the correct colour from your designer to keep consistency in your brand. Colour is important in making your brand look professional, and won’t be confusing for the customer if they see your branding in other places or different mediums.

·     Far too many times, we see people wanting a rebrand or branding done after they have done their website. While the website is a crucial tool to your business, we recommend getting the branding done first. Having branding first allows your website designer to have a greater idea of what colours and icons to use and the look you are going for with your business. It also means you have brand consistency, which will help customers remember your brand.

·     Do not use Microsoft Word to design any collateral, too many times we’ve seen business send their customers or post on their social media using a design that they’ve made on Word. This looks completely unprofessional, especially when there’s the red spelling mistake line underneath the words! Canva is free to use, and there is a range of templates for whatever you need. So even if you aren’t that creative, you will be able to design something worth sharing.

·     Keep your branding simple. Not only is it trendy right now to have a simple brand looking at the rebrands of Gucci, Mastercard and Uber. Having a simple brand does not distract your audience from your products but also makes your brand look more sophisticated.

·  Look at who your customers are, not what you like! One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is thinking that the branding for their business is all about what they want. Don’t get me wrong; you should like your branding but remember that your customers might not like exactly what you like. If you can, ask people that are your ideal customers what they think of the brand.

·     Don’t aim to look like everyone else. Before we start designing branding for our clients, they will come to us with examples of brands they like and they are sometimes competitors. While it’s a good idea to know what your competitors look like, having a similar brand to them can get confusing for the customers and also can get you in trouble if the branding is too similar. Stand out in your industry by creating a brand that looks different and exciting; you don’t need to fit in with your industry.

·     Do not try and please everyone! If you’ve only got lots of orders coming from women, then why change your branding to appeal to men. If someone likes your product they will buy it, there is no one product that everyone will buy.