5 Reasons you should already be using Shopify if you own an e-commerce business

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform with over 800,000 online stores operating around the globe. With more than six years of experience using the Shopify platform, we love it and have worked with some great businesses to create an online store for them. So we’ve created a list of 5 reasons why we think you should be using the Shopify platform to make your life and your business easier.


1. It’s easy to use!

Your life is already complicated enough trying to juggle a business and everything else, you do not need a platform that is confusing and hard to use. Whether you are building it yourself or getting someone to help you Shopify is a great tool to design your store on as it’s hard to mess up. Shopify comes with templates that allow you to look professional from the start of your business.


2.    24/7 Support

Wherever you are in the world, there is Shopify staff that are available at any time. They are also available through phone, live chat or email, which means you can have any form of contact that works for you.


3.    Modifications

If you want a website that has lots of customisation but you still want to use Shopify you can. Note that significant modifications are all done through Shopify’s own coding language liquid, so we recommend getting an expert to help you. Some modifications to your website don’t need to be done through coding. One of our favourite features of Shopify is the app store if you want to add extra aspects to your website like reviews you can do it through adding an app.


4.    Automation

Setting up a new business is stressful; you may forget to add or implement something crucial to your website. Squarespace makes it pretty easy not to forget anything; you will already have PayPal and Shopify payments connected. Your customers will also get automated order received emails when they purchase an item. When you launch, you don’t need to worry about everything, and you can learn and customise as you go.


5.    Security

When you own online business, the most important thing is to have a safe and secure website. You are dealing with a lot of customers personal information, including their name, phone number and address. Not only do you not want your customers’ private information getting out. By having an online business, you usually collect payments online, which means that if your website is not secure hackers could steal your customers’ details. Security breaches can damage the reputation you’ve built up, and also may discourage people from buying from your business in the future. Squarespace has Security, Engineering, and Operations teams working 24/7 that monitor unusual behaviour on the platform. As well as providing an SSL certificate (the lock icon next to your webpage which lets you know if the website is safe or not) for all of the websites using sqaurespace. Squarespace works hard to make sure that your business is safe and secure when using the platform.